Chapman,H N

Institution: The University of Melbourne, Australia

Top Collaborators: Spence JC, Martin AV, Maia FR, Epp SW, Holl P, Reich C, Strüder L, Fromme P, White TA, Erk B, Holton JM, Neutze R, Timneanu N, Andreasson J, Fleckenstein H, Hömke A, Rolles D, Ullrich J, Arnlund D, Foucar L

Research Interests: Electron, X-ray, Crystallization, Lasers, Pulses, Time, Lead, Microscopy, Scales, X-rays, Crystallography, Ferredoxin, Kinetics, Laser, Light, Membrane, Membrane Protein, Nanocrystals, Photosystem I, Transfer