Catapano,Carlo V

Institution: Authors' Affiliations: Institute of Oncology Research; Oncology Institute of Southern Switzerland, Spain

Top Collaborators: Carbone GM, Napoli S, Magistri M, Malek A, Pastori C, García-escudero R, Sarti M, Albertini V, Riva C, Capella C, Broggini M, Rohr J, Núñez LE, Brambilla L, Jovic S, Morís F, Genini D, Civenni G, Albino D, Jain A

Research Interests: Cells, Human, Cancer, Gene, Genes, RNA, Cell, Mithramycin, Prostate, Prostate Cancer, RNA Interference, Transcription Start Site, DNA, Biosynthetic Pathway, Therapeutic, Tumor, Treatment, Chromatin, Diseases, Epigenetic
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