Carver,John A

Institution: The University of Adelaide, Australia

Top Collaborators: Ecroyd H, Dehle FC, Musgrave IF, Rekas A, Hoffmann P, Garvey M, Hudson SA, Thorn DC, Liu Y, Giorgetti S, Treweek TM, Bellotti V, Koudelka T, Corazza A, Griesser SS, Fogolari F, Griesser HJ, Polano M, Thierry B, Mangione PP

Research Interests: Amyloid, Proteins, Casein, Molecular Chaperone, Milk, Disease, Crystallin, Heat, Amyloid Fibrils, Diseases, Shock, Kappa-casein, Heat-shock Protein, Ability, Concentrations, Role, Caseins, Fluorescence, Temperature, Cells