Carr,Steven A

Institution: Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard, USA

Top Collaborators: Mani DR, Mertins P, Udeshi ND, Kuhn E, Jaffe JD, Keshishian H, Smith D, Abbatiello SE, Skates SJ, Clauser KR, Whiteaker JR, Zhao L, Anderson NL, Paulovich AG, Qiao JW, Patel J, Zimmerman LJ, Ong SE, Mesri M, Hall SC

Research Interests: Mass Spectrometry, Spectrometry, Proteins, Peptides, Plasma, Proteomics, Laboratories, Limits Of Detection, Human, Antibodies, Ubiquitination, Concentrations, Disease, Identification, Sensitivity, Biomarkers, Time, Digestion, Evaluation, Report