Carpenter,Mark G

Institution: The University of British Columbia, Canada

Top Collaborators: Inglis JT, Horslen BC, Campbell AD, Chua R, Murnaghan CD, Tokuno CD, Cresswell AG, Thorstensson A, Squair JW, Davis JR, Dakin CJ, Cleworth TW, Geh CL, Beauchamp MR, Crocker PR, Pasman EP, Bloem BR, Van Der Kooij H, Nishikawa K, Fukushima K

Research Interests: Pressure, Muscle, Anxiety, Time, Adults, Fear, Measures, Cue, Muscles, Acoustic, Feedback, Nervous System, Affect, Eyes, Power, Young Adults, Central Nervous System, Conditioning, Electromyography, Toes