Carl,Allen L

Institution: Division of Orthopaedic Surgery, Department of Surgery, Albany Medical Center, 43 New Scotland Ave., Albany, NY 12206, USA

Top Collaborators: Dropkin BM, Kaufman EL, Ledet EH, Jeshuran W, Glennon JC, Shaffrey C, De Deyne P, Belden C, Kallakury B, Roberts TT, Khasnavis S, Papaliodis DN, Citone I, Lavelle WF, Demers E, Fuchs A, Mercaitis OP

Research Interests: Surgery, Injuries, Men, Pelvis, Publications, Women, Biopsy, Catheter, Decompression, Epidural Tumor, Evaluation, Granuloma, Hip, Infection, Inflammation, Pain, Patient, Recurrence, Spinal Canal, Total Hip Replacement