Institution: University of Torino, Italy

Top Collaborators: Marcantoni A, Carabelli V, Vandael DH, Mahapatra S, Comunanza V, Zuccotti A, Striessnig J, La Rocca R, Lakshmikanth T, Ferrone S, Ruth P, Stassi G, Hoddah H, Di Fabrizio E, Knipper M, Parmiani G, Fulciniti M, Sinnegger-brauns MJ, Guérineau NC, Moretta A

Research Interests: Cells, Chromaffin Cells, Cell, Mouse, Role, Secretion, Action Potential, Catecholamines, Rest, Membrane, Exocytosis, Bk Channels, Calcium, Lead, Inhibition, Nifedipine, Play, Nk Cell, Regulation, Neurons
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