Institution: Key Laboratory of Food Nutrition and Safety (Tianjin University of Science & Technology), China

Top Collaborators: Wang CL, Hou LH, Niu LL, Wang LR, Liu LJ, Xia Y, Nie JZ, Zhou M, Zhang RP, Xu YP, Zhang JW, Meng M, Li L, Liu SB, Ye ZY, Zhang Y, Liu C, Gao X, Li F, Yan XS

Research Interests: Calcium, Oxygen, Apoptosis, Cell, Cell Proliferation, Cells, Regulation, Treatment, Cancer, Caspase-3, Cytoplasm, Hepatoma, Human, Production, Hepg2 Cells, Adenylate Cyclase, Analgesics, Capsaicin, Concentration, Concentrations