Institution: Department of Pharmacokinetics Dynamics and Metabolism, Global Research and Development, Pfizer Inc., Cambridge, Massachusetts 02140, USA

Top Collaborators: Haske T, Dounay A, Wasan KM, Gray D, Thornton SJ, Barta N, Bell I, Brodfuehrer J, Goulding RE, Lepsy C, Gretes M, Carlson GL, Gray AP, Patrick H, Hancock RE, Amin AI, Raine-fenning N, Mcpherson G, Deb S, Maclennan G

Research Interests: Collaboration, Industry, Universities, University, Oocyte, Oocyte Retrieval, 5-ht, Administration, Buspirone, Concentrations, Dopamine, Drug Discovery, Inhibition, Norepinephrine, Pharmacology, Plasma, Prefrontal Cortex, Rats, Time, Abdomen