Bus,James S

Institution: The Dow Chemical Company, Toxicology & Environmental Research and Consulting, Midland, MI 48674, USA

Top Collaborators: Saghir SA, Bartels MJ, Rick DL, Mcclymont EL, Terry C, Zhang F, Bailey JP, Billington R, Li AA, Collins JJ, Maurissen JP, Bodner KM, Barnett JF, Marty MS, Foss J, Zablotny CL, Freshwater L, Passage JK, Garman RH, Perala AW

Research Interests: Human, Lead, Liver, Lung, Rat, Animals, Concentration, Rats, Life, Risk, Toxicokinetics, Concentrations, Glutathione, Inhibition, Liver Microsomes, Metabolism, Microsomes, Mouse, Phenylethanol, Adult