Burr,Jennifer M

Institution: University of Aberdeen, UK

Top Collaborators: Azuara-blanco A, Campbell SE, Foster P, Friedman D, Quayyum Z, Lai J, Nolan W, Aung T, Chew P, Mcpherson G, Mcdonald A, Norrie J, , Prior ME, Hamzah JC, Francis JJ, Cochran C, Ramsay CR, Ramsay C, Castillo MM

Research Interests: Angle-closure Glaucoma, Blindness, Cost, Drainage, Drugs, Eagle, Eye, Glaucoma, Intraocular Pressure, Laser, Life, Open-angle Glaucoma, Patient, Plays, Pressure, Procedure, Quality Of Life, Role, Surgery, Trabeculectomy