Institution: Royal Prince Alfred Hospital and The University of Sydney, Australia

Top Collaborators: Howells J, Ng K, Jankelowitz SK, Trevillion L, Bostock H, Spies JM, Pollard JD, Sue C, Lim M, Finan P, Sagar P, Mcnulty PA, Smith RR, Shiner CT, Brown EH, Thayaparan GK, Enzmann G, Angeli C, Winter S, Quesada PM

Research Interests: Axons, Membrane, Muscle, Role, Membrane Potential, Spinal Cord, Patients, Human, Resting Membrane Potential, Atpase, Injury, Median Nerve, Muscles, Calcium, Potassium, Axon, Time, Treatment, Disease, Multiple Sclerosis