Burgess,Janette K

Institution: Woolcock Institute of Medical Research and the Cooperative Research Centre for Asthma and Airways, Australia

Top Collaborators: Oliver BG, Black JL, Moir LM, Reddel CJ, Weiss AS, Lau JY, Ge Q, Williams C, Foster PS, Hansbro PM, Krimmer DI, Trian T, Loseli M, Niimi K, Hughes JM, Poniris M, Shepherd PR, Hunt NH, Faiz A, Tjin G

Research Interests: Cells, Role, Asthma, Muscle, Smooth Muscle, Extracellular Matrix, Growth, Inflammation, Transforming Growth Factor, Cell, mRNA, Collagen, Disease, Muscle Cells, Smooth Muscle Cells, Human, Production, Lung, Endothelial Growth Factor, Fibronectin