Bundle,David R

Institution: The University of Alberta, Canada

Top Collaborators: Kitov PI, Lipinski T, Johnson MA, Szpacenko A, Jacobson JM, Paszkiewicz E, Cai Y, Ling CC, Nycholat CM, Iynkkaran I, Yin J, Mulvey G, Griener TP, Cui L, James MN, Completo GC, Armstrong G, Paulson JC, Luu T, Wu X

Research Interests: Candida, Candida Albicans, Mannose, Mannan, Antibodies, Cell, Cell Wall, Binding Site, Glycosylation, Mannopyranoside, Oxidation-reduction, Antigen, Mice, Serum, Tetanus, Human, Rabbits, Cells, D-glucose, Displacement