Brown,H Alex

Institution: From the Departments of Pharmacology and., N/A

Top Collaborators: Cho HP, Lindsley CW, Ivanova PT, Scott SA, Myers DS, Armstrong MD, Xiang Y, Solnica-krezel L, Milne SB, Selvy PE, Gorden DL, Buck JR, Mcintyre JO, Criswell TL, Vansaun MN, Thomas AL, Wright JK, Matrisian LM, Arteaga CL, Mathews TP

Research Interests: Phosphatidic Acid, Phospholipase, Phospholipase D, Tyrosine, Cells, Kinase, Production, Report, Cell, Cancer, Second Messenger, Tyrosine Kinase, Inhibition, Liver, Phosphatidylcholine, Carbon, Lipids, Phospholipids, Lead, Membrane