Brimble,Margaret A

Institution: The University of Auckland, New Zealand

Top Collaborators: Williams GM, Harris PW, Sperry J, Heapy AM, Rennison D, Hung KY, Lee DJ, Fraser JD, Laita O, Furkert DP, Bova S, Cavalli M, Hopkins B, Linthicum DS, Schünemann K, Connelly S, Hume PA, Yang SH, Guéret SM, Cooper GJ

Research Interests: Cyclization, Treatment, Evaluation, Alkylation, Peptides, Hydrogenation, Glycopeptides, Microwave, Cerium, Cysteine, Ligation, Solid Phase Peptide Synthesis, Glycine, Libraries, Family, Acids, Amino Acids, Methods, Hydroxylysine, Proteins