Institution: Department of Radiology of the University Hospital Basel, Switzerland

Top Collaborators: Kawel N, Haas T, Winter L, Jhooti P, Dashti D, Zellweger MJ, Buser PT, Keegan J, Scheffler K, Lenz C, Klarhöfer M, Forrer F, Lardinois D, Santini F, Froehlich JM, Sommer G, Wiese M

Research Interests: Magnetic, Magnetic Resonance, Algorithm, Angiography, Claws, Ecg, Noise, Signal-to-noise Ratio, Time, Cancer, Cell, Diffusion, Lung, Lung Cancer, Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Pet, Positron, Positron Emission Tomography, Tomography, Fibrosis