Institution: Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, Czech Republic

Top Collaborators: Horejsi V, Draber P, Stepanek O, Angelisova P, Skopcova T, Weiss A, Hrdinka M, Drobek A, Otahal P, Kalina T, Svojgr K, Vonkova I, Kucova M, Yeung M, Chmatal L, Mala L, Ormsby T

Research Interests: Tyrosine, T Cells, B Cells, Cell, Cells, Leukocyte, Membrane, Plays, Proteins, T Cell Receptor, Cell Lines, Kinases, Phosphotyrosine, Signal Transduction, Src Family Kinases, Calcium, Phosphorylation, Role, Phenotype, Roles