Institution: Department of Physics and Astronomy and California Nanosytems Institute University of California, USA

Top Collaborators: Strimbu CE, Fredrickson-hemsing L, Kao A, Ramunno-johnson D, Roongthumskul Y, Bruinsma R, Meenderink SW, Fredrickson L, Arisaka K, Fredrickson Hemsing L, Rowland D, Lee JH, Cheon J, Ji S, Shlomovitz R, Tokuda J

Research Interests: Hair, Bullfrog, Cells, Membrane, Calcium, Epithelium, Otolithic Membrane, Behavior, Movements, Track, Glass, Motion, Scales, Movement, Concentration, Stereocilia, Tongue, Cell, Rana, Rana Catesbeiana