Bowie,John H

Institution: The University of Adelaide, Australia

Top Collaborators: Wang T, Sherman PJ, Andreazza HJ, Jackway RJ, Tyler MJ, Tran TT, Musgrave IF, Hack S, Eichinger PC, Bilusich D, Hoffmann P, Pukala TL, Maclean MJ, Walker S, Donnellan SC, Calabrese AN, Scanlon D, Abell AD, Zhang L, Dua S

Research Interests: Peptides, Water, Anions, Mass Spectrometry, Spectrometry, Caerulein, Skin, Asp, Concentration, Membrane, Muscle, Smooth Muscle, Ions, Tree, Deuterium, Carbon, Formaldehyde, Hydrogen, Chymotrypsin, Neuronal Nitric Oxide Synthase