Institution: British Columbia Ministry of Forests and Range, RPO #3, P.O. Box 9158, Revelstoke, British Columbia V0E3K0, Canada

Top Collaborators: Schneider RR, Hauer G, Cahill JF, He F, Mclellan BN, Sólymos P, Serrouya R, Wittmer HU, Gorrell JC, Mcadam AG, Coltman DW, Humphries MM, Farr D, Adamowicz WL, Dawe K, Adamowicz W, Mayor SJ

Research Interests: Costs, Population, Cost, Resources, Spatial Distributions, Animal, Behavior, Handling, Herbivore, Risks, Adoption, Adoptions, Altruism, Animals, Mammal, Orphan, Orphans, Parent, Report, Squirrels