Institution: State Institute of Diabetes and Endocrinology, Brazil

Top Collaborators: Kraemer-aguiar LG, Bottino DA, Maranhão PA, Clapauch R, Mecenas AS, Villela NR, Cyrino FZ, Lopes FG, Oliveira FJ, De Salles BF, Souza MD, Nobre G, Simão R, Boa BC, Lima LM, Fleck SJ, Silva SV, Wiernsperger N, Dias I, Lisboa PC

Research Interests: Women, Microcirculation, Syndrome, Blood, Capillary, Insulin, Glucose, Ischemia, Time, Obesity, Overweight, Patients, C-reactive Protein, Risk, Hamster, Skin, Survival, Blood Cell, Cell, Hyperemia