Institution: Division of Clinical Pharmacology and Center of Integrated Protein Science Munich, Germany

Top Collaborators: Anz D, Endres S, Sandholzer N, Stephan N, Heidegger S, Bohn B, Suhartha N, Hotz C, Bauer H, Eisenächer K, Nörenberg D, Radtke-schuller S, Wurzenberger C, Wedekind G, Koelzer VH, Bittner P, Schreiber S, Rapp M, Vollmar AM, Schnurr M

Research Interests: Mice, Lead, T Cells, Infection, Cells, Immunity, Virus, Cancer, Cell, Immunotherapy, T-cell, Toll-like Receptor, Tumor, Apoptosis, Gene, Immune System, Innate Immunity, Melanoma, Pathology, Pattern Recognition Receptors