Institution: University of Strasbourg, France

Top Collaborators: Terrand J, Bruban V, Woldt E, Matz RL, Herz J, Foppolo S, El Asmar Z, Gracia C, Metzger D, Mlih M, Martin S, Ji J, Zhou L, Velot E, Gong W, Coudane F, Chollet ME, May P, Ninio E, Zurhove K

Research Interests: Lipoprotein, Lipoprotein Receptor, Adipocyte, Cholesterol, Mice, Low Density Lipoprotein Receptor, Tyrosine, Acetyl-coa, Acetyl-coa Carboxylase, Acids, Adipocytes, Adipose Tissue, Adult, Cell, Coa, Fatty Acids, Fibroblasts, Inhibition, Lipid Metabolism, Lipolysis
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