Institution: INSERM U895, Team 7: Cellular and Molecular Physiopathology of Obesity and Diabetes, Nice, France

Top Collaborators: Tanti JF, Ben Sahra I, Laurent K, Auberger P, Le Marchand-brustel Y, Dirat B, Puissant A, Budanov A, Giorgetti-peraldi S, Ben-sahra I, Giuliano S, Larbret F, Ponzio G, Gounon P, Cormont M, Bertolotto C, Deckert M, Regazzetti C, Robert G

Research Interests: Cancer, Metformin, Kinase, 2-deoxyglucose, Apoptosis, Deoxyglucose, Inhibition, Metabolism, AMP, Autophagy, Cell Death, Cell Viability, Death, Drugs, Prostate, Prostate Cancer, AMP Kinase, ATP, Caspase-3, Epithelial Cells