Institution: Department of Palliative Medicine, National Cancer Centre Singapore, Singapore

Top Collaborators: Ewing G, Yang GM, Currow D, Farquhar M, Higginson IJ, Caggiula AR, Bausewein C, Brafman-kennedy B, Sved AF, Higginson I, Donny EC, Gharib M, Rocker G, Dorman S, Horton R, Jolley C, Goodridge D, Abernethy A, Young J, Galbraith S

Research Interests: Patients, Disease, Palliative Care, Role, Health, Carers, Paper, Research, Hospital, Specialist, Healthcare, Health Care, Treatments, Gold, Cues, Drugs, Drugs Of Abuse, Neurotransmission, Nicotine, Reinforcement