Bonner,James A

Institution: University of Alabama at Birmingham, USA

Top Collaborators: Spencer SA, Caudell JJ, Carroll WR, Gaspar LE, Mcnamara EJ, Gay EG, Putnam JB, Crawford J, Herbst RS, Dragovic AF, Nabell LA, Meredith RF, Wagner MM, Cure JK, Nabell LM, Schaner PE, Desmond RA

Research Interests: Cancer, Radiotherapy, Cell, Head, Lead, Neck, Hypopharynx, Larynx, Survival, Carcinoma, Squamous Cell Carcinoma, Chemotherapy, Dysphagia, Neck Cancer, Cancer Of The Larynx, Chemoradiotherapy, Concurrent Chemoradiotherapy, Consensus, Report, Incidence