Institution: INSERM U1018, Centre for Research in Epidemiology and Population Health, Epidemiology of Occupational and Social Determinants of Health, F-94807 Villejuif, France

Top Collaborators: Tremblay RE, Dionne G, Lupien SJ, Ouellet-morin I, Pérusse D, Arseneault L, Barr RG, Muckle G, Coté S, Touchette E, Forget-dubois N, Petit D, Montplaisir JY, Melchior M, Chastang JF, Falissard B, Galéra C, Côté SM

Research Interests: Health, Mental Health, Cortisol, Goals, Infant, Pathologies, Research, Secretion, Twins, Axis, Brain, Cognition, Consensus, Associations, Language, Sleep, Aggression, Anxiety, Birth, Child