Boelsterli,Urs A

Institution: University of Connecticut School of Pharmacy, USA

Top Collaborators: Loguidice A, Kale VM, Younis H, Hsiao CJ, Ramirez-alcantara V, Gavillet B, Wallace BD, Bendel L, Kashimshetty R, Redinbo MR, Desai VG, Lee KK, Fujimoto K, Lee T, Zhang C, Moland CL, Schwall CT, Branham WS, Alder NN, New LS

Research Interests: Injury, Mice, Superoxide, Liver, Mitochondria, Hepatocytes, Role, Therapeutic, Cyclosporin A, Inhibition, Cell, Transcription Factor, Death, Diclofenac, Drugs, Nsaids, Mouse, Permeability, Aconitase, Drug-induced Liver Injury