Blom,Jason D

Institution: Global Research and Development, Pharmaceutical Research and Development, St. Louis Laboratories, Pfizer Inc., 700 Chesterfield Parkway N. T2F, Chesterfield, Missouri, USA

Top Collaborators: Thurston A, Sommers CD, Guzova JA, Kahn LE, Lai Y, Looijestijn J, Diederen KM, Goekoop R, Sommer IE, Daalman K, Kahn RS, Hoek HW, Chiang PC, Hu Y

Research Interests: Animal, Animal Models, Asthma, Blood, Concentrations, Corticosteroids, Diseases, Drugs, Industry, Inflammation, Lavage, Lung, Neutrophil, Neutrophil Infiltration, Particle Sizes, Pharmaceutical Industry, Production, Pulmonary Diseases, Rat, Retention