Blobel,Gerd A

Institution: The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, USA

Top Collaborators: Deng W, Hardison RC, Cheng Y, Kadauke S, Gregory GD, Miccio A, Wang H, Tong W, Poncz M, Campbell AE, Mackay JP, Wang Y, Hong W, Pawlicki JM, Achtman JC, Bersenev A, Jain DP, Tripic T, Zhang Z, Wilkinson-white L

Research Interests: Gene, Genes, Chromatin, Repression, Gene Expression, Transcription Factors, Transcription Factor, Association, DNA, Fog, Transcription Factor Gata1, Megakaryocytes, Erythroid Cells, Mice, Proteins, Regulation, Architecture, Cell Lineages, Mast Cells, Cell