Bissek,Anne Cécile Zoung-Kanyi

Institution: "Chantal Biya" International Reference Centre for Research on HIV and AIDS Prevention and Management, Yaounde, Cameroon

Top Collaborators: Lobé EE, Ouwe-missi-oukem-boyer O, Sosso MS, Dambaya B, Gwom LC, Moyo ST, Tangimpundu C, Ambada G, Fainguem N, Domkam I, Ekoa D, Milenge P, Colizzi V, Fouda PJ, Cappelli G, Torimiro JN, Nkenfou CN

Research Interests: Administration, Algorithm, Art, Blood, Diagnosis, DNA, Hiv, Hiv-1, Human, Infant, Infants, Infection, Mothers, PCR, RNA, Screening, Technology, Treatment, Viral Load