Institution: Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences, St. John's University, NY, 11439, USA

Top Collaborators: Vaz DC, Monteiro VA, Manoukian S, Colombo M, Ripamonti CB, Rosenquist R, Suthers G, Borg A, Radice P, Carvalho M, Grist SA, Pino MA, Monteiro AN, Karchin R, Lulla A, Beddor J, Reznik S, Godinho-netto M, Trombetta L, Mesquita RD

Research Interests: Aid, Association, Bioinformatics, Breast, Cancer, Classification, Counseling, Exons, Genetic Testing, Germline Mutations, Learning, mRNA, Mutations, Ovarian Cancer, Risk, Risk Assessment, Transcription Activation, After Treatment, Cells, Copyright