Bhora,Faiz Y

Institution: Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons, USA

Top Collaborators: Razi SS, Schwartz G, Connery CP, Li X, Afthinos JN, Ippagunta N, Sagalovich D, Belsley SJ, Jour G, Christofidou-solomidou M, Lee DY, Myers EA, Rehmani SS, Lebovics RS, Wexelman BA, Ross RE, Sancheti M, Belsley SS, Belsley S, Mcginty JJ

Research Interests: Oxygen, Airway Obstruction, Cancer, Patients, Survival, Antioxidants, Cell, Cell Death, Death, Flaxseed, Inflammation, Injury, Ischemia, Ischemia-reperfusion Injury, Lung, Mice, Production, Reactive Oxygen Species, Reperfusion, Reperfusion Injury