Institution: University of Liège, Belgium

Top Collaborators: Wins P, Lakaye B, Delvaux D, Gangolf M, Gigliobianco T, Elias B, De Pauw E, El Moualij B, Kohn G, Frédérich M, Detry O, Crommen J, Nisolle M, Jouan C, Martin D, Dive G, Chantraine F, Mazzucchelli G, Grisar T, Murty MR

Research Interests: Adenosine, Thiamine, Thiamine Triphosphate, Carbon, Thiamine Diphosphate, Cell, Cell Lines, Cells, Liver, Proton, Starvation, Time, Tissues, ATP, Energy Metabolism, Metabolism, Thiamine Deficiency, Valinomycin, Human, Enzymes
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