Berkland,Cory J

Institution: The University of Kansas, USA

Top Collaborators: Chittasupho C, Xie SX, Baoum A, Yakovleva T, Siahaan TJ, Nune SK, Gunda P, Thallapally PK, Lin YY, Forrest ML, Alhakamy NA

Research Interests: Epithelial Cells, Nanoparticles, Calcium, Antigen, Carcinomas, Cell, Cells, Doxorubicin, Drug Delivery System, Icam-1, Inflammation, Intercellular Adhesion Molecule-1, Leukocyte, Leukocyte Function Associated Antigen-1, Lfa-1, Lung, Lymphocytes, Plays, Role, Specificity