Berg,Wendie A

Institution: University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, USA

Top Collaborators: Conners AL, Hruska CB, Tortorelli CL, Maxwell RW, Rhodes DJ, Boughey JC, Skyba DM, Henry JP, Gay J, Cohen-bacrie C, , Barr RG, Narayanan D, Zhang Z, Madsen KS, Cormack JB, Kalinyak JE, Cosgrove DO, Mendelson EB, Doré CJ

Research Interests: Breast, Mammography, Cancer, Risk, Screening, Women, Patient, Breast Cancer, Risk Assessment, Multicenter Trial, Positron, Specialists, Elastography, Artifacts, Gamma Camera, Mammography, Ultrasound, Biopsy, Cancers, Confidence Interval, Confidence Intervals