Benveniste,Etty N

Institution: The University of Alabama at Birmingham, USA

Top Collaborators: Qin H, Holdbrooks AT, Liu Y, Akhtar LN, Nozell SE, Mcfarland BC, Yanagisawa LL, Meares GP, Zheng Y, Park KW, Ma X, Muldowney MT, Yu H, Baker BJ, Reynolds SL, Gray GK, Ma JY, Hong SW, Langford CP, Drygin D

Research Interests: Cytokines, Gene, Glioblastoma, Cells, Disease, Apoptosis, Inflammation, Tumors, Gene Expression, Kinase, Phosphorylation, Cell, Macrophages, Microglia, Multiple Sclerosis, Proteins, Sclerosis, Brain, Inhibition, Therapeutic