Benson,Deanna L

Institution: Icahn School of Medicine and Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences at Mount Sinai, N/A

Top Collaborators: Hsiao K, Sepulveda B, Bozdagi O, Ge Y, Carcea I, Mesias R, Salton SR, Mortillo S, Elste A, Patil SB, Huntley GW, Davis RL, Sebeo J, Mintz CD, Smith SC, Barrett KM, Dumitriu D, Li X, Yue Z, Zhou Q

Research Interests: Axon, Neurons, Growth, L-lysine, Kinase, Synapse, Axons, Cell Adhesion, Cues, Cell, Mouse, Protein Translation, Regulation, Environment, Ethanol, Growth Cones, Lysine, N-cadherin, Adult, Mice
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