Institution: CICECO and Department of Chemistry, University of Aveiro, Aveiro, Portugal

Top Collaborators: Chaussy D, Stéphan O, Sarrazin P, Vurth L, Cunha AG, Freire C, Silvestre A, Pascoal Neto C, Gandini A, Belgacem MN, Pras O, Rharbi Y, Piette P

Research Interests: Cellulose, Nanoparticles, Water, Adsorption, Chloroform, Elasticity, Interfacial Tension, Phase Transition, Polymer, Role, Segregation, Surface Tension, Electron, Electron Microscopy, Ftir, Hydrophobicity, Microscopy, Nmr Spectroscopy, Reaction Times, Scanning Electron Microscopy