Institution: Medical Faculty of University of Heidelberg, Germany

Top Collaborators: Winkler V, Ott JJ, Paltiel AM, Sié A, Szmigielski C, Rajpoot K, Grau V, Noble JA, Ng N, Deckert A, Tesfaye F, Urbanek C, Von Bardeleben S, Greulich M, Barletta G, Holleczek B, Volodina A, Zimmer K, Pasques A, Stegmaier C

Research Interests: Mortality, Population, Death, Cancer, Migrants, Health, Diseases, Risk, Echocardiography, Time, Lung, Lung Cancer, Disease, Incidence, Migrant, Cause Of Death, Regression, Prevalence, Developing Countries, Behavior