Beatty,J Thomas

Institution: The University of British Columbia, Canada

Top Collaborators: Leung MM, Brimacombe CA, Lang AS, Jaschke PR, Fogg PC, Westbye AB, Rosell FI, Mauk AG, Jun D, Saer RG, Hardjasa A, Hynes AP, Johnson JA, Digby E, Lin S, Wang H, Paddock M, Spiegelman GB, Tufts A, Zhaxybayeva O

Research Interests: Rhodobacter, Gene, Rhodobacter Capsulatus, Genes, Cell, Strain, DNA, Growth, Rhodobacter Sphaeroides, Bacteriophage, Transfer, Cultures, Bacteriochlorophyll, Cells, Gene Expression, Production, Magnesium, Genome, Phage, Phages