Beattie,Robert M

Institution: Institute of Human Nutrition University of Southampton, UK

Top Collaborators: Wiskin AE, Wootton SA, Afzal NA, Yagci RV, Jackson AA, Falconer J, Grimble G, Cornelius VR, Goulet O, Olieman J, Ksiazyk J, Spolidoro J, Tibboe D, Köhler H, Davies JH, Hunt TM, Batra A, Elia M, Cole C, Owens DR

Research Interests: Children, Disease, Growth, Energy Expenditure, Expenditure, Child, Crohns Disease, Enteral Nutrition, Inflammatory Bowel Disease, Nutritional Support, Body Composition, Treatment, Parenteral Nutrition, Growth And Development, Infants, Short Bowel Syndrome, Syndrome, Colitis, Ulcerative Colitis, Basal Metabolic Rate