Bauman,William A

Institution: VA RR & D Center of Excellence for the Medical Consequences of Spinal Cord Injury, James J. Peters VA Medical Center, Bronx, NY 10468, USA

Top Collaborators: Wecht JM, Spungen AM, Radulovic M, Rosado-rivera D, La Fountaine MF, Cirnigliaro CM, Kirshblum SC, Lafountaine MF, Zhang RL, Ancha HR, Szlachcic Y, Post JB, Yee F, Shaw S, Mendez AJ, Hunt KK, Emmons RR, Williams R, Garber CE, Asselin P

Research Interests: Persons, Injury, Spinal Cord, Spinal Cord Injury, Tetraplegia, L-arginine, Pressure, Heart, Blood, Men, Arginine, Adiposity, Cardiovascular Disease, Cerebral Palsy, Disease, Palsy, Population, Safety, Sodium, Incidence