Barnes,Andrew C

Institution: The University of Queensland, Australia

Top Collaborators: Dang C, Chan J, Delamare-deboutteville J, Green TJ, Zhang MM, Aviles F, Kvennefors EC, Cribb TH, Cutmore SC, Hénault O, Sampayo E, Kerr C, Vieira G, Baiano JC, Roff G, Chong RS, Benedict S, Lambert C, Soudant P, Kawasaki M

Research Interests: Parasite, Role, Oxygen, Growth, Infection, Streptococcus, Vaccination, Virulence, Oysters, Disease, Mortality, Oyster, Bacteria, Cell, Immunity, Innate Immunity, Macrophages, Respiratory Burst, Zymosan, Infections