Barker,Thomas H

Institution: Georgia Institute of Technology and Emory University, USA

Top Collaborators: Stabenfeldt SE, Soon AS, Krishnan L, Hoying JB, Fiore VF, Brown AC, Gourley M, Rempel SA, Hubbell JA, Carson AE, Cao L, Zeller MK, Lofton MC, Strane P, Roser-page S, Bermudez H, Yang SC, Markowski MC, Roman J, Murthy N

Research Interests: Fibrin, Tissue, Medicine, Regenerative Medicine, Polymerization, Cell, Specificity, Peptides, Extracellular Matrix, Fibronectin, Role, Fibrinogen, Proteins, Thrombin, Engineering, Growth, Phenotype, Polymer, Polymers, Therapeutic