Barker,Thomas H

Institution: Georgia Institute of Technology and Emory University, USA

Top Collaborators: Stabenfeldt SE, Soon AS, Gourley M, Krishnan L, Hoying JB, Fiore VF, Brown AC, Brown WE, Gossett JJ, Lee CS, Martino MM, Aboujamous NM, Mochizuki M, Rothenfluh DA, Rempel SA, Hubbell JA, Cao L, Carson AE, Zeller MK, Strane P

Research Interests: Fibrin, Tissue, Medicine, Regenerative Medicine, Polymerization, Cell, Specificity, Peptides, Extracellular Matrix, Fibronectin, Role, Fibrinogen, Proteins, Thrombin, Engineering, Growth, Phenotype, Polymer, Polymers, Therapeutic