Banerjee,Uttam Chand

Institution: National Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research, India

Top Collaborators: Kumar S, Chisti Y, Mittal AK, Singh A, Vats P, Kashyap M, Bhushan B, Kandekar S, Baviskar AT, Dubey S, Das D, Kaul P, Preet R, Barse B, Mohapatra P, Piotrowski M, Satapathy SR, Bhattacharyya MS, Siddharth S, Guchhait SK

Research Interests: Temperature, Production, Silver, PH, Cell, Methods, Ability, Hydrolysis, Phosphorus, Bioreactor, Cells, Gene, Identification, Ethanol, Glutaraldehyde, Immobilization, Reductase, Silica, Concentration, Cancer