Institution: Universities of Giessen and Marburg Lung Center (UGMLC), German Center for Lung Research, Giessen, Germany

Top Collaborators: Schermuly RT, Seeger W, Grimminger F, Günther A, Ghofrani HA, Weissmann N, Savai R, Langheinrich AC, Pullamsetti SS, Dumitrascu R, Traupe H, Rau WS, Kosanovic D, Dahal BK, Wygrecka M, Reiss I

Research Interests: Growth, Lung, Treatment, Adenocarcinoma, Artery, Carcinoma, Cell, Cell Lines, Endothelial Growth Factor, Evaluation, Human, Jugular Vein, Lewis Lung Carcinoma, Mice, Microfil, Microvessels, Mouse, Observation, Pulmonary Artery, Quantitative Evaluation