Bambara,Robert A

Institution: University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry, USA

Top Collaborators: Balakrishnan L, Campbell JL, Piekna-przybylska D, Gorelick RJ, Rigby ST, Gloor JW, Dykes C, Polaczek P, Rose AE, Henry RA, Demeter LM, Pike JE, Muchiri JM, Burgers PM, Shen W, Stewart JA, Mathews DH, Balakrishnan M, Stewart J, Hanson MN

Research Interests: DNA, RNA, Transfer, Displacement, Flap Endonuclease 1, Hiv, Hiv-1, Human, Nucleotides, Proteins, Ligation, Virus, Reverse Transcriptase, Transcriptase, Efficiency, Genome, DNA Replication, Protein A, Replication Protein A, Donor